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We are board gamers who enjoy playing longer and more complex games – in addition to all the other games we love. However, with everything going on in our lives, we often find it hard to make the time to play them (especially since some might require a couple nights of gaming). So, we thought, “Let’s get everyone on board a cruise ship, take a fun vacation, and play some board games!” Thus was born Gaming By Sea, our board gaming cruise.

We don’t have anything against big gaming (or fan) conventions – they can be a lot of fun with all of the action and meeting lots of new people. However, we wanted to host a more personal event dedicated to tabletop gaming. So, this is going to be a group of (soon-to-be) friends enjoying a great vacation and playing lots of board games!

Open Gaming (Check-out from our Library and BYOG) + Reserve your Seat to play games like…

Here I Stand 18xx Terraforming Mars Civilization 
Diplomacy GMT COIN Through the Ages Agricola
Pandemic: Legacy Brass: Birmingham Cataclysm Dominant Species
Twilight Imperium 4 Commands & Colors Gaia Project Caverna
Imperium Romanum Puerto Rico Eclipse Battle Hymn
Great Western Trail Fast Food Magnate Scythe and More!

Don’t worry, we will schedule some light and medium games, too (be sure to vote for what you want to play when you register to ensure your favorite is in the Game Library or on the Schedule). Also, with the Open Gaming, you will be able to play those games whenever you need a break (we will have a variety of games available for check-out from our Game Library and feel free to BYOG) – we will help people connect!

Board Gaming Convention
Board Gaming Cruise

Approximately 90 days before the cruise, we will send an e-mail with links to a private site that will allow you to select the games you want to play in each session. Everyone will know they can play the games they want to play, when they want to play them! Of course, you are welcome to do Scheduled Gaming, Open Gaming, or something in between the entire cruise.