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The Games You Want to Play…Part XXIX

Zombicide: Black Plague

Our friends came down and brought their box o’ Zombicide with them to teach us how to play the Black Plague version of the game, which is set in a medieval fantasy world. The game was designed by Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult and this version was released by Guillotine Games in 2015. The games come with impressive collections of miniatures and solid components.

Of the six of us, four had never played before, so there was a brief learning curve. The game is fairly straight forward, though, and we quickly had the basics down. Our friends explained that it is more fun to roleplay rather than just “play”.

In this version, you are a group of adventurers (magician, dwarf, elf, paladin, thief, etc.) looking to survive a zombie horde unleashed by the Necromancers. We moved through the village kicking open doors, clearing buildings, and searching for supplies, weapons, spells, and more, while seeking clues to defeating the Necromancers. In the meantime, more zombies are spawning throughout the village.

As we killed zombies, our characters’ experience increased. However, once any single character crosses an experience threshold to gain skills, the monster count generated for every future spawn card increases. If not careful, only one or two characters will be ready to face a growing horde.

Also, as the horde increases, it becomes even more important for the group to work together. Zombies hit automatically, so you need enough characters to survive a wave and hit back.


We still have seats available at the game tables in our private gaming area, so be sure to join us for a great vacation and lots of board gaming fun. Vote for fun games like this one to be in the game library.

See you onboard,

Gaming By Sea

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More Cruise Fun

Have a great vacation, play some board games, and drive bumper cars with us on board the Anthem of the Seas!

Gaming By Sea’s Spring 2020 board gaming cruise vacation leaves New York harbor on March 29 and returns on April 5, 2020.

Visit for more information.

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The Games You Want to Play…Part XXVIII

Founding Fathers

We enjoyed a game of Founding Fathers last week. At first blush, many of you might think that a game about the Constitutional Convention of the United States in 1787 would not be that much fun to play, but that is not the case. Designed by Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews and published by Jolly Rogers Games in 2010, this game is for 3-5 players. Your goal is to emerge from the Convention as the “true Father of the Constitution due to your outstanding contributions to the final document.”

Each of the cards is a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and each delegate has a special ability. The board is a representation of the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall) and is divided into three main areas to score points: the Assembly Room (with a Nay side and Yea side), the Committee Room, and the Debate Floor. There are four factions competing to influence the Constitution: Small States, Large States, Federalists, and Anti-Federalists.

You build a hand of delegates and play one (sometimes more) delegates each round. You also want to build influence (via special abilities on cards), which lets you place more votes (Yea or Nay) in the Assembly Room, add more influence in the Committee Room, or debate on behalf of more factions.

The delegates can vote for articles of the Constitution, debate in favor of a faction’s position, or influence articles in the Committee Room. The votes of the delegates in the Assembly Room are done by state. Some of the ways to gain points include being on the winning side of a vote on an article, having the most influence in the Committee Room, or using some of the special abilities on the cards. Also, at the end of the game, you may earn bonus points for the debates you won.

Be sure to vote for fun games like this when you register for the cruise. We still have rooms available, so reserve one now to secure your spot!

See you onboard,

Gaming By Sea


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The Ships You Want to Cruise…

Anthem of the Seas
Royal Caribbean invited us to come to New York to look at the Anthem of the Seas, the ship we will be sailing for our board gaming cruise in Spring 2020, in person. This was a great opportunity to get to know the ship before the trip, meet some of the crew, and see our Private Gaming Area; so we packed our bags and headed to the Big Apple this past weekend.

Wow, this ship is incredible! It is truly a floating vacation resort. The Anthem is a Quantum-class ship, which is one of the largest classes of cruise ships in the world and offers some unique entertainment options. She is also a very new ship, having launched in 2015.

We spent four hours on a guided tour of the ship. They took us to visit staterooms, restaurants, entertainment spaces, and activities – from Deck 3 to Deck 16 (we saw staterooms on two decks, then skipped the other pure stateroom decks). You can sense that you are on a ship because of how things are designed and optimized, but as you walk through the rooms and public spaces there is nothing that feels like it would be out of place in a luxury hotel (with even more “on-site” entertainment). I have attached a few of the photos (out of the dozens) I took to try to give you some idea of what it is like, but they cannot do it justice.

Our tour started with visits to a few staterooms. These vary in size from the Interior rooms (many of which include a “Virtual Balcony” that provides a window-sized video screen showing a live view from the exterior of the ship – you are actually seeing what you would see from a balcony) to rooms like the “Grand Royal” and “Grand Loft”, which are two-story suites that look out from the stern of the ship (and provide a personal concierge). As a note, our group’s Interior staterooms (in our first batch of rooms) all have the “Virtual Balcony”.

Open Spaces
What I found amazing were the open spaces within the interior of the ship. These include a multi-story elevator atrium, the two-story Royal Esplanade mall, the indoor pool, the Solarium, the Two70 theater, the Music Hall, and the Royal Theater. Of course, they also have one of the things that initially drew us to Royal Caribbean – the Conference Center. It is perched on Deck 13, looking out over the stern of the ship. We will have some great ocean views while we game (try to stay focused)! This will give us a great Private Gaming Area (by the way, we were able to block a handful of rooms nearby on the same deck – be sure to grab one while they are available).

The ship is packed with activities for all ages. For the youths and teens, they have active programs for them plus the SeaPlex, which offers an XBox center, bumper cars (on a ship!), and an arcade. The ship offers a casino, a fitness center, a spa, a rock climbing wall, the North Star (which will lift you 300 feet above sea level for magnificent views), RipCord (skydiving), and FlowRider (surfing). Most of these are complimentary. Finally, you can relax by one of the many pools or spread out somewhere along the deck and watch people run by on the track (which follows a circuit along the top deck). Lest I forget, a variety of shows are offered in the theaters and other live entertainment and game shows can be found in various locations throughout the ship.

Eating and Drinking
In addition to all the places to visit and things to do on the ship, there will be plenty to eat and drink. There are the uniquely decorated main dining rooms, which provide complimentary dining (both ordered and buffet), numerous clubs and bars (you can buy a drink package or pay as you go), specialty restaurants (these are an extra charge), and room service for when you want a break. The bars and restaurants are conveniently located throughout the ship.

I know this was a bit lengthy versus my normal posts, but there is so much to see and do on the Anthem of the Seas that I could only compress it so much. This does not even account for the shore excursions. Obviously, we will not lack for fun things to do in between our board gaming sessions!

As a note, we have an invitation to get down to Port Canaveral to tour the Harmony of the Seas in October for our Fall 2020 cruise. That may not happen this year, but we hope to be able to share some details about that ship, too, at some point in the future.

Be sure to join us for this wonderful, 7-night board gaming vacation aboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas.

See you onboard,

Gaming by Sea