The Games You Want to Play…WarRoom (Turn 4)

European Theater (Turn 4)

Allied forces come ashore in Greater Germany, but take heavy losses in the face of stiff resistance from the Italian defenders that have poured north to defend Berlin.

The Germans take Karelia and Leningrad.

Russian forces continue to fight bravely in Bryansk, but are slowly being overwhelmed by the German Army as it grinds its way toward Moscow.

British and Russian forces strike against the Germans in Ukraine, but suffer heavy losses. A small British force is all that keeps the Germans from reclaiming the Caucuses oil fields.

Can the Allies reinforce their beachhead in Germany quickly enough before the Italian and German forces rushing to the frontline push them back into the sea?

Will the Russians hold the Germans outside the Gates of Moscow or will the Germans be able to bypass the Hero City of Bryansk?

Pacific Theater (Turn 4)

A massive naval battle in the South Pacific bleeds both the Japanese and American fleets, but leaves the Japanese in the dominant position.

The Japanese secure China.

Massive Japanese air raids have greatly weakened the British forces in Burma. This and the end of conventional combat in China open the possibility of a Japanese invasion of India.

The Soviets have pulled all of their forces west to defend Mother Russia. With the end of Chinese resistance, Siberia is exposed to Japanese invasion. However, this would require the Japanese to break their pact with Russia and suffer severe consequences.

Will the Japanese push toward India?

Can the Allies protect Australia and New Zealand now that the American fleet has been weakened?

Is it worth it to the Japanese to break their pact with Russia and take Siberia?

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