The Games You Want to Play…WarRoom (Turn 5)

European Theater – Turn 5

Elite Italian forces, with support from German Landwehr, repulse the Allied landing in Germany, but Americans keep pouring into Britain to prepare for another try at the mainland.

The Germans bypassed the Hero City of Bryansk and, with the aid of a massive concentration of the Luftwaffe, drove on Moscow to take the capital. Stalin flees ahead of the Wehrmacht’s advance, but the USSR and its army are reeling.

The Afrika Korps takes Egypt, but the British take back the Middle East.

Germany and Italy appear to have won in Europe, for the moment, but Britain and America are not backing down. Germany itself is badly damaged from the bombing raids and the Allied invasion.

Pacific Theater and World Tour

A quick tour of the world starts in Africa where the Afrika Korps has taken Egypt, though more British forces push north to challenge them.

On to India, where the British Indian Army faces a large Japanese Army forming in Burma.

We leap across the Pacific where another American fleet is forming to once again challenge the Japanese for control of the Pacific.

Back to Europe where the Germans have just taken Moscow and defeated the main reserves of the Soviet Union. The Russian still have depth, but their forces are thin on the ground and the Japanese are threatening from the east (the fall of Moscow releases them from the terms of their Non-Aggression Pact).

American forces have landed in Siberia to reinforce the Russians and Chinese, but they face a desperate struggle.

European and Pacific Theaters – Turn 5 Wrap-up

German forces expand throughout Russia, pushing into the Urals and retaking the Caucuses.

The Hero City of Bryansk continues to hold.

Allied forces threaten another landing in Europe.

British forces liberate French Morocco and the British Navy returns to the Med, while the Italians move to counter them.

The British have taken the Middle East and prepare to move against the Germans in Egypt.

India falls to a massive Japanese Assault and British power in Asia is broken.

The Japanese move forces into Manchuria to counter the growing American threat coming down from Siberia.

The US Fleet moves into the Pacific.

Can the Americans build sufficient forces in Siberia before the Japanese bring enough power to bear to drive them out of the East? If they hold on, can they liberate China and Russia?

Will the next Allied invasion of Europe prove successful?

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