The Games You Want to Play…WarRoom (Wrap-up)



I hope you enjoyed following the story of our War Room struggle.

The two pictures show the final situation in Europe and around Japan when we called the game at the end of Turn 6. For a broader view of the final game state, see our last post for Turn 6.

At this point, the Japanese had taken India and all of China, the Germans had taken Moscow, and the first Allied landing in Europe has been repulsed.

In Europe, the Allies had landed in Europe a 2nd time, were on the verge of taking back Egypt, and had landed in Morocco. However, the forces in Europe were badly outnumbered by the German armies returning from the Eastern Front, the Moroccan force was facing an Italian Amy of similar size, and the force in Egypt would be facing two, large Axis armies coming out of Asia.

In the Pacific, a large American force in Russia has been hit hard by the Japanese. The US Fleet, though pushing into the Pacific again, is not able to attack the weaker Japanese fleet that is rebuilding under the protection of Japan’s dominant air power umbrella.

With all of that in mind; Axis control of almost all of Europe’s, Asia’s, and North Africa’s resources; and the Axis having more units in the field, we projected that (even though it would have taken a couple turns) it seemed likely the Axis would conquer Britain and win the game.

This was our first game of WarRoom and we played with the basic rules only. We did a random draw for nations.

A few notes to share:

  • Strategic bombing can be devastating.
  • Air power is dominating.
  • We may not have maximized our use of submarines, but they did not seem highly effective. This will require more investigation.
  • Take a look at some of the advanced rules and consider including some of them, even in your first game, to provide a little balance to airpower (for example, industry repair and limits on dice batches).
  • Protect your troop transports! They must have escorts or they are easily destroyed.
  • Battles are very deadly.
  • Keep the time on writing orders tight or your game will run long.

Thanks for joining for this recreation of the most massive conflict in human history. We plan to play again!

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