The Games You Want to Play…WarRoom (Turn 6)

European Theater

Allied forces land across Scandinavia in Denmark, Norway, and Finland as they try to slow the German war machine.

The Germans are stung by these losses, but veterans of the Russian War are pouring back into the west and Allied landing will be under considerable pressure shortly.

The Luftwaffe once again fills the skies over Berlin, keeping the dreaded “Viermots” at bay. With a short break in the war effort, the German people start to see more consumer goods on the shelves and their morale improves.

The Hero City of Bryansk finally falls to the Germans and more Russian territory is gained by the Germans as they push east and take Stalingrad.

The Russian are on the verge of total collapse as their national status drops further. Some surviving squadrons join the Allies in Finland and the only place Russian forces can be found in the Rodina are guarding Vladivostock.

The Italian fleet suffer losses against the British in the Med covering a landing of the Italian Army in North Africa to the British in Morocco.

The British fall short of liberating Egypt, but will be able to encircle the remaining Germans and push west. However…

The Germans and Japanese link up in Iran and prepare to push west toward Egypt.


Pacific Theater

Japanese land and air forces begin returning to Manchuria from their recent conquest of India.

The British Indian Fleet sails east to join with the US Fleet in the Pacific.

Japanese forces drive into Russia (the pact having been canceled with the fall of Moscow), attacking the Russo-American forces around Vladivostock. Despite overwhelming airpower, the Japanese are unable to conquer the city. However, they inflict heavy casualties on the Allies.

The US Pacific Fleet continues to push west. Though larger than its Japanese counterpart now, it is not strong enough to close on Fortress Japan and its powerful land-based airpower.

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