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Role-playing Games – Seeking Volunteers to GM

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…and more!


A Gaming Pass is only required for the Gamer(s) in your family or group of friends. Everyone else you know and love is welcome to come along just to enjoy a great vacation! Each Gaming Pass must be associated with a Stateroom.

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We love to vacation and we are gamers who love playing all types of tabletop games, including longer and/or more complex games. However, with everything going on in our lives, we often find it hard to make the time to play the longer games (especially since some might require multiple nights of gaming). So, we thought, “Let’s get everyone on board a cruise ship, have a fun vacation, and play some board games with a group of (soon-to-be) friends!” Thus was born Gaming By Sea, our tabletop and board gaming cruise vacation.


An Entire Week of Board Gaming Fun: That’s right. These cruises are for seven (7) nights! Not only will you be able to enjoy great shore excursions, free food, and all the fun things to do onboard a cruise, but a week of gaming. Also, each cruise has full days at sea, which means – full, uninterrupted days of gaming!


Scheduled Gaming:  We will be scheduling times and tables in our Private Gaming Area for you to play games like…

Here I Stand 18xx Terraforming Mars Civilization 
Diplomacy GMT COIN Through the Ages Roll for the Galaxy
Game of Thrones Brass: Birmingham Cataclysm Dominant Species
Twilight Imperium 18xx Gaia Project Caverna
Gloomhaven Puerto Rico Eclipse Antiquity
Great Western Trail Fast Food Magnate Scythe and More!

Sample Gaming Schedule

The scheduled gaming will ensure that players interested in the longer and more complex games will know when and where those will be happening and can reserve their seats. However, we will also set aside times for numerous popular (light, medium, and family friendly) game sessions, so gamers will know when they can stop in for a round or two of their favorites.

Just a few of the popular & family games already requested by our gamers for the Spring 2020 cruise include:

Pandemic Lords of Waterdeep 7 Wonders Ticket to Ride
Race for the Galaxy Settlers of Catan Tiny Epic Galaxies Pandemic: Fall of Rome
Terra Mystica Carcassonne Apples to Apples Onward to Venus


 Be sure to let us know what you want to play when you register to ensure your favorites are on the Schedule and in the Game Library.


Role-playing Games: A NEW addition to the cruise offerings (part of our “and more”), in our “long” games category! Some of our great gamers have offered to host role-playing games for a number of sessions. The current offerings include: Dungeons & Dragons, Firefly, Star Trek, and Demon Hunters. They will offer options for seasoned and newbie players. Players will be able to play through a number of sessions or stop in for just one. 

These will be included in the Scheduled Games to ensure you can reserve your spot for the adventure you most desire. More details, including the systems to be used, will be available closer to the cruise. Let us know if any of these are of interest to you when you register!


Open Gaming: For those who would prefer to do more open gaming, we will have a full Game Library! Check-out games from our Library and/or BYOG. We will help you find players, wherever they are on the ship, and there will be room in the Private Gaming Area for Open Gaming, also!


Board Gaming Convention
Board Gaming Cruise


Access to our Game Library: Not only will we be bringing all of the games that will be on the Gaming Schedule, but stacks of other games – of all types – that you can enjoy. Your Gaming Pass allows you access to games from our Game Library. Once all the votes are counted, we will distribute a Game Library list (approximately two months before the cruise). Anyone interested in adding games to the Game Library is welcome to do so, or feel free to BYOG to host a game yourself.


Access to our Private Gaming Area: Don’t worry about trying to find a free table between dining hours in some corner of the ship. Your Gaming Pass gives you access to our Private Gaming Area and the number of Gaming Passes has been limited to ensure that everyone with a Gaming Pass has a seat at the (game) table.

Open Gaming space will be available in the Private Gaming Area, also.


Reserved Gaming Seats: Your Gaming Pass lets you reserve a seat at the table for your favorite games – no wondering what you will have a chance to play or wandering around to find enough gamers ready to play it. When you register, you can let us know the games you want to play to ensure your top choice is on the Gaming Schedule.

Approximately a month before the cruise, we will send an e-mail with a link to a site that will allow you to reserve a seat for the game you want to play in each session. Each person’s first choice will be reserved in advance  and you will know you can play the games you want to play, when you want to play them!

Of course, you are welcome to do a combination of Scheduled Gaming, Open Gaming, or Vacationing. This is your vacation and you decide how you want to spend it.


…and more: We are always working to make this an even better vacation for our guests and will add details here once we confirm availability of more great things to do. Email and let us know what could make this an even better experience for you. We are pleased to announce the addition of role-playing games to the Spring 2020 cruise – see above – thanks to some great volunteers!


Of course, you will need to be on one of the cruises to enjoy all the fun, so go to Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 for more details on the cruises.