Registration for Gaming By Sea’s 2020 Cruises is Open!

How to register…

  1. Click a “Book Now” button on the appropriate cruise page or from the Main Menu (then select your cruise of choice) to open our secure Eventbrite page.
    1. Have your Passport(s) handy so you can correctly enter the Name and Birth Date of each guest. If you have a Crown & Anchor number (RC’s Frequent Cruiser club), you will want that number handy, too.
    2. If you want to select your own Stateroom, you may want to open the Deck Plan link (available on the website’s Event page and the Eventbrite welcome page).
    3. If your roommate is handling the Stateroom purchase have their name or Booking ID handy to help us match roommates.
  2. Select one “Gaming Pass” or more.
  3. Select a “Stateroom Hold” if you will be handling the reservations for your friends and family.
  4. Click “Checkout”.
  5. If making the reservations, Choose your Stateroom
    1. Select a Group Stateroom OR
    2. Make a Non-Group Stateroom Request (see below FAQ).
    3. Enter the information for each Guest.
  6. Purchase your Gaming Pass.
  7. You will receive your Booking Confirmation via email.
  8. Make your Stateroom deposit / payment.

My friend and I are sharing a room, can we pay separately? Yes. Note that during registrations and when you receive your booking confirmation, just confirm that you want to “split the check”, with whom, and in what amounts. Both payments must be completed within the Stateroom Hold period.

What if I want a different room from what is available in the Group Staterooms (i.e. an accessible stateroom)? You may request a custom booking on the Eventbrite site by entering information into the “Non-Group Stateroom Request” area.

Do not make a “Group Stateroom Hold” selection.

Do enter the required Guest information and purchase your Gaming Pass to hold your place.

You will receive your custom quote via email. We want you on the cruise and will work hard to find a solution. If we cannot find a Stateroom that meets your needs and you elect to not join the cruise, your Gaming Pass will be refunded. If you like one of the options provided, we will add your stateroom to the Group, if possible (which it should be).

I have more than two (2) people going on the cruise and we want to share a room. How do I do that? With just one or two exceptions, all of the Group Staterooms are for 2 guests. During registration, enter the information for your needed room(s) in the “Non-Group Stateroom Request” area. Do not make a “Group Stateroom Hold” selection (unless one of those meets your needs).

Be sure to purchase your Gaming Pass, though, to hold your spot.

I want to reserve a single-occupancy room. What do I do? Go through registration as above and enter your information in the “Non-Group Stateroom Request” area. Do not make a “Group Stateroom Hold” selection. Please note that there is only a small discount for single-occupancy vs. double-occupancy rooms and there are not many available.

Be sure to purchase your Gaming Pass, though, to hold your spot.

Why are all of the Staterooms for just 2 people? Unfortunately, the cruise line does not allow us, with the rare exception of a suite or two, to block Group Staterooms that hold more (or fewer) than two people. We want you to join us on the cruise, so be sure to make a Non-Group Stateroom Request and purchase your Gaming Pass to hold your place.

Am I required to reserve my Stateroom through Gaming By Sea to participate? Yes. The number of staterooms booked as part of the group is one of the ways we are granted event space on the cruise. In any case, our prices should be as good as, if not better than, anything you will find on your own. (Let us know if not and we will speak with our group representative!)

Where are the prices for the cruises shown on the website? Prices for Staterooms on each Cruise are on the Event Pages, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020. Scroll down below the Itinerary to find them. Note: In addition to showing the Stateroom price per person, these show the All-in Price for the Stateroom. If all Group Staterooms have been booked, those prices will be removed until we can secure another block of staterooms.

What does an “All-in Price” mean? In addition to the Stateroom price per person, cruise lines charge for Taxes, Port Fees, and Gratuities (among other items). The “All-in” price is shown to let you know your full cost up-front.

What are Gratuities and why are they included in the price? Just about every cruise line charges gratuities (basically a tip for the staff), but this is usually done after the booking. We wanted to ensure you were aware of the total cost of your booking up-front. You can find details about Royal Caribbean’s gratuities policy here.

When can I purchase onboard packages (beverage packages and WiFi, for example) and Shore Excursions? Once your deposit/payment is made, you will have access to the Cruise Planner, which will allow you to make reservations. As a note, we will be looking for your feedback to plan some Group Shore Excursions, as well.

What do I do if all of the Group Staterooms are booked? If there are still Gaming Passes, purchase one to secure your spot, and let us know under the “Non-Group Stateroom Request” section the type of Stateroom you were seeking. We will be working hard to reserve another block of Staterooms for the group.

Visit the appropriate Royal Caribbean site below for more information.

Visit Royal Caribbean’s “Where is the Port of Cape Liberty” for information on directions, parking, and transportation options.

Visit Royal Caribbean’s “Where is Port Canaveral (Orlando)” for information on directions, parking, and transportation options.

Information for how to apply for a passport for U.S. citizens can be found here.


Citizens of Canada can find information here about applying for passports.


Mexican citizens can go here (en Español) for more passport information.


Generally, citizens of other nations should check with their foreign ministries.

How do I register for the gaming? See the “Registration for Cruises and Gaming” FAQ above.

What is included with my Gaming Pass? 

An Entire Cruise of Board Gaming Fun

Scheduled Gaming

Open Gaming

Game Library

Gaming By Sea Shirt

Access to our Private Gaming Area

How big will this event be? This will be a more personal event for (soon-to-be) friends. Thanks to the game seat reservations that we are taking, there will always be someone playing the game you want to play when you want to play it. Also, there will be Open Gaming that we will help coordinate.

We decided to limit the number of Gaming Passes (there will be friends and family on the cruise with us, also, of course) to ensure we had enough private table space for everyone. But, if the Wait List grows enough to add another game table or two, we will work with the cruise line to try to add more table space. We will send an e-mail to everyone on the Wait List to let them know.

How do I Reserve Seats for Games? Approximately 90 days before the cruise, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a private site that will allow you to reserve a seat for the games you want to play, when you want to play them! There will still be Open Gaming available throughout the event.

Am I required to Reserve a seat for a Game? No. If you want to BYOG or check-out games from our Game Library to play what you want, whenever you want, and just stop by the private gaming area when you tire of other fun, you are welcome to do so. We will help you coordinate with other players! You may reserve seats for no sessions, every session, a couple sessions, or all but one session. If you choose to not reserve any seats, we will reach out to ask you to let us know (to ensure you received the registration information and had a chance to decide).

Does everyone in my family need a Gaming Pass? No. Only those who are playing will need a Gaming Pass. Friends and family are welcome to join you on the cruise without buying a Pass. So, invite everyone along! Friends and family are welcome to visit the gaming areas and you have access to the Game Library.

My Friends are into Long Games, but not me. I want to go on the cruise, but what can I play? Don’t worry, we will have some sessions of popular, lighter games scheduled – just be sure to let us know during registration what you really want to play. Also, our Game Library will include a variety of games for Open Gaming that you can enjoy (you can BYOG, too) and we will help you find players. There will be room in the private Gaming Area for Open Gaming.

May I keep gaming during the Shore Excursions? Absolutely. We will schedule breaks from the multi-session games to let everyone who would like to enjoy the excursions do so, but don’t worry – there will be other gaming scheduled and open gaming if you are having enough fun on board! Also, a group can choose to “play through”.

Are you new to a Game or have not Played in a while? No worries, we will have formal introductions for the big games (as a refresher for experienced players, also) and we are scheduling a Host or Hostess (or one of us) to introduce each game and help you understand how to play to increase everyone’s enjoyment.

Hosting a Game? Speaking of which, if you are interested in introducing a game and being its rules guru (while playing – or not), let us know when reserving your gaming seats (closer to the cruise) or email to let us know at

When we distribute the site for everyone to reserve their games, we will ask for you to choose a session. Also, those who want to play a specific game and bring it with them on the cruise will be welcome to do so – you can add it to the Game Library (be sure to put your name and contact information in the lid) or not.

Will there be Open Gaming? Yes. Our Game Library will be available for check-out (including the scheduled games – once all of their sessions are completed) for all types of games and you may BYOG, too. We will help you coordinate with the other gamers. Our Game Library will include a selection of games across the spectrum.

How does Royal Caribbean accommodate guests with special dietary requirements or gluten and other food allergies? Visit the Royal Caribbean website for more information on Dietary Requirements. Be sure to note these for each guest during Registration.

Why two cruises? First, we enjoy them and want to make sure you do, too! Second, we are holding them in different locations to ensure the events remain more personal and more people can reach us (though we would be excited to have you join us for both events).

The Spring 2020 cruise out of New York (Cape Liberty Cruise Port in NJ) puts it within a day’s drive of everything from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in the northwest to Ohio in the west to Virginia and North Carolina in the south to Maine in the north.

The Fall 2020 cruise out of Port Canaveral, FL (the northernmost major cruise port in Florida) is within a day’s drive of most of the Southeast.

Also, both cruise ports are easily accessible from major airports.

For Spring 2020, Newark Airport is just across Newark Bay from the cruise port (20 minutes) and you have LaGuardia and JFK as back-ups (though across Manhattan – but great for our international gamers).

Fall 2020 is accessible from a half-dozen airports, including Orlando International (also great for international gamers) and Melbourne Airports (both are only 45 minutes away and shuttles are available).

We are not trying to have the biggest board gaming cruise on the ocean, just have a great vacation with new friends and play lots of board games. So, we thought, why not bring board gaming cruises closer to the people who want to enjoy them?

I will not make it this year, but really want to join you on the next cruise. What are the dates for next year? Be sure to email us at or Like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date for 2021! We will work to have the 2021 cruises secured by early-2020.

As a note, we hope to host a cruise out of Southern California in 2021, so keep an eye open for that.

Don’t forget that we are having two cruises on the East Coast in 2020! Hopefully one of them is near you.

How do I reserve my spot on the cruise? See the “Registration for Cruises and Gaming” FAQ above.

Where are the prices for the cruises shown on the website? Prices for Staterooms on each Cruise are on the Event Pages, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020. Scroll down below the Itinerary to find them. If all rooms have been booked, those prices will be removed until we can secure another block of staterooms.


I am a Designer or Publisher, how can I participate? We would welcome a chance to let you play test a new game, present your game during our cruise – particularly if it is “on theme”, or share information about your upcoming releases. If you have flyers or other paraphernalia to send, please let us know. We can provide shipping information, since it will need to be sent directly to the ship two weeks in advance.

Contact us at to discuss how we can make that happen.

I am a Vendor or Exhibitor, will there be space for me? We will not be promoting a vendor space, but please contact us at to discuss your interests if you are a producer or distributor of specialty products, a publisher wishing to promote a game, or one of our local supporters. We want our guests to return home excited about all of the great games they played on our cruise and patronize the wonderful gaming stores that have supported them and our event.

Keep the questions coming…Email us at if you need help with anything.