The Games You Want to Play – Part I…

Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555 covers the political and religious conflicts of early 16th Century Europe. Few realize that the greatest feats of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, Ignatius Loyola, Henry VIII, Charles V, Francis I, Suleiman the Magnificent, Ferdinand Magellan, Hernando Cortes, and Nicolaus Copernicus all fall within this narrow 40-year period of history.

This game covers all the action of the period using a unique card-driven game system that models both the political and religious conflicts of the period on a single point-to-point map. This is an impressive, well-balanced system with deep game play that has recently seen its “500th” Anniversary printing with new cards, upgraded rules, and a mounted map.

We are offering this game for play during the cruise!

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