The Games You Want to Play – Part IV…

We are debating whether we want to play this classic on the cruise, since we don’t want anyone to end up as shark food – but we put it on the flyer! Let us know if you are up for it when you register.

Diplomacy is a strategic board game set in Europe in the years leading to the Great War. It is played by two to seven players, each controlling the armed forces of a major European power (or, with fewer players, multiple powers). Each player aims to move his or her few starting units and defeat those of others to win possession of a majority of strategic cities and provinces marked as “supply centers” on the map; these supply centers allow players who control them to produce more units.

Its main distinctions from most board wargames are its negotiation phases (players spend much of their time forming and betraying alliances with other players and forming beneficial strategies) and the absence of dice and other game elements that produce random effects.

Is it, “Diplomacy: The Most Evil Boardgame Ever Made”? Find out more at:…/diplomacy-the-most-evil-bo…/

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