The Games You Want to Play – Part X…

History of the World
This is another one of our favorite classics that keeps making it back to the table. The idea of the game is that all empires rise and fall. You are involved in the rise and fall of 7 empires during the game, in epochs ranging from ancient times to pre-WWI. Although some empires are stronger than others, the game’s mechanics help balance that.
The game can handle 3 to 6 players and takes 3+ hours to play with the maximum empires involved.
It captures a lot of history and provides great exposure to not only the great empires of each epoch, but many of the other nations that competed with them. Various event cards add some additional spice to the game, ranging from disasters to weaponry advantages.
Be sure to vote for this one for the cruise (I am sure we will have it in the Game Library, though).
How to Play:
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