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Churchill (Big Three Struggle For Peace)

This is a fun and challenging game for three that has a different take on global-scale, WW2 games. Designed by Mark Herman and published by GMT Games in 2015, the game focuses on the conferences held by the Big 3 Allies: Britain, USA, and Soviet Union. It is now on the verge of its 3rd printing.

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin go head-to-head to decide the fronts that are most important to the war and what level of resources should be dedicated to each. In the end, they must win the war, but there are political considerations. How quickly do you want the Russians to beat the Germans on the Eastern Front? Do I want to be in position to bomb Japan, just yet?

If you fail to win the war in a timely manner or one of the allies is winning by too much, other issues arise. There is some military planning, but victory is highly resource driven. Much of your focus will be on timing your advances, ensuring your “allies” lack the resources they need, and the timely arrival of needed resources for your offensives.

Each turn of the game is based on an historical conference from the war, which can have its own special rules that impact how you can play your turn and can even leave one of the big leaders (and their abilities) sidelined. Each nation’s leader has a support team of advisors with their own abilities, bonuses, and weaknesses. Leaders and advisors can die or have health issues during the conferences.

The board has two main areas. There is a world map with various fronts for the war effort and minor nations that you can influence. Then there is the conference portion, where the players work to move various markers into their areas by playing the advisor and leader cards. You can also play cards to move markers out of another player’s area. Each of these markers grants bonuses to the world power that gains control of them: A-Bomb research, “convincing” another power to support your war effort, gaining the ability to influence minor powers, etc.

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