The Games You Want to Play…Part XXIX

Zombicide: Black Plague

Our friends came down and brought their box o’ Zombicide with them to teach us how to play the Black Plague version of the game, which is set in a medieval fantasy world. The game was designed by Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult and this version was released by Guillotine Games in 2015. The games come with impressive collections of miniatures and solid components.

Of the six of us, four had never played before, so there was a brief learning curve. The game is fairly straight forward, though, and we quickly had the basics down. Our friends explained that it is more fun to roleplay rather than just “play”.

In this version, you are a group of adventurers (magician, dwarf, elf, paladin, thief, etc.) looking to survive a zombie horde unleashed by the Necromancers. We moved through the village kicking open doors, clearing buildings, and searching for supplies, weapons, spells, and more, while seeking clues to defeating the Necromancers. In the meantime, more zombies are spawning throughout the village.

As we killed zombies, our characters’ experience increased. However, once any single character crosses an experience threshold to gain skills, the monster count generated for every future spawn card increases. If not careful, only one or two characters will be ready to face a growing horde.

Also, as the horde increases, it becomes even more important for the group to work together. Zombies hit automatically, so you need enough characters to survive a wave and hit back.


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