The Games You Want to Play…Part XXXIV

I played a fun, quick game at the CLS Game Day when I went by to pick up some games for the cruise…Arboretum. Designed by Dan Cassar and released by Z-Man Games in 2015, it is a set selection and hand management game.

It is a great little travel game with just a deck of cards and brief set of rules that can host 2 to 4 players. Thanks to Tyler for teaching it to me even though he won! Teaching and playing probably took 30 minutes for our two-player game.

Play is straightforward, you have a hand of 7 cards. You draw two cards each round, either from the (faceup) discard pile or the (facedown) draw pile (you can draw one from each or both from one, but there is no digging through the discard pile allowed). You then play one card in front of you and discard one (see the picture). Play goes until the draw pile is empty. You will still have 7 card in your hand at the end of play.

Not only must you play cards out in front of you to be ready to win points at the end of the game (which is done by “connecting” suits of trees), you must retain cards in your hand to keep your opponents from scoring on the cards in front of them (or vice versa). The game’s system to keep you engaged with your opponent is quite simple, but adds some depth.

The card art is very attractive.

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