The Games You Want to Play – Part VII…

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015)

There are quite a few people who love this game and quite a few people who…don’t. Our group is similarly split.

I think the challenge for some players is getting through that first game or two to understand how it works. What those of us “lovers” enjoy is the simplicity of the mechanics (once you understand how it all ties together) combined with the depth of play. The complexity does not lie in the mechanics, but in the options and combinations of research, resources, and manpower. You will need to go back to the rules from time-to-time (primarily at the end of an Age), but the actual game play is very straightforward.

Using a card drafting system, you build a civilization. The challenge is not just drafting the card you want, however. You must have the research available to understand the technology, the resources to deploy it, and the manpower to use it. Although warfare between civilizations is abstracted, your military build-up does influence your strength and attacks on others can seriously impact their ability to compete.

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