The Games You Want to Play…Part XXXII

Ticket To Ride: New York
We managed to get in another holiday game during our travels. This version of Ticket to Ride is a faithful replication of the gameplay of the original standard versions, but offers a smaller, more travel-friendly size and very quick play. Each game only runs about 15 to 20 minutes.

We enjoy Ticket to Ride and this was no different. The best thing about this was the portability and, as we are fans of NYC, the theme worked nicely for us.

As always, you score points for connecting stops and for completing the routes you draw at the beginning (and during) the game. In this instance you are trying to connect routes on Manhattan between the major points of town. Also, there are bonuses for having popular tourist locations as your stops. Due to the small size of the game, they just have you sum everything at the end (using the included scoring pad and pencil).

Be sure to vote for fun games like this one to be included in the Game Libraries of our Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 cruises!

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