The Games You Want to Play…Part XXXI

Pandemic: Rapid Response

We have a couple versions of Pandemic, but Rapid Response is quite different from the standard games. This is a new version released in 2019 and was just added to the Gaming By Sea library over the holidays.

Instead of running the CDC operations globally, you are a team aboard a specially outfitted super plane, delivering supplies to cities in need around the globe (you will recognize the cities from the standard game, though not all are represented).

Another key difference is that your operations are time limited. No more casual strategic conversations over a cup of coffee in the Atlanta CDC command center. Now, you are scrambling to prepare care packages containing food, vaccines, first aid supplies, back-up energy, and water for delivery to infected cities.

You are no longer the glamorous headliners who found the cure and saved the world, but the hard-working folks out on the line making the save actually happen.

We enjoyed the high-speed action, though it took us a couple plays to shift gears from normal Pandemic thinking to this. I can see where some traditional Pandemic gamers might be taken aback by the change in pace, so be sure you are aware of what you are taking on with this game.

Join us to play fun games like this one on our Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 cruises!

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